We offer training and courses tailored to your needs. We train both the private and public sector. We always prepare training and courses tailored to your needs and requirements and take into account the risks associated with your business or activity. We always offer courses at a fixed price, regardless of the number of participants. We can come to your place or you can use our premises in Prague, Brno and Ostrava. We can prepare an ad hoc training or you can arrange regular training at regular intervals. We will not lecture you on legal theory, our trainings and courses are easy to understand and with respect to reality and real functioning of the market and law.

Criminal law and compliance
Price from: 6.000 CZK without VAT
Duration: 2 hours
Compliance basics
Basics of criminal law
Anti-corruption principles
Ethical standards in business
Business negotiation from the perspective of criminal law
Public procurement and competition
Price from: 6.000 CZK without VAT
Duration: 2 hours
How to bid and avoid mistakes
Negotiation principles from the perspective of the Public Procurement Act
Management basics from the perspective of the Office for the protection of competition
Cartels and prohibited agreements
General principles of negotiation and competition from the legal point of view
Labour law and HR
Price from: 5500, - CZK without VAT

Duration: 1.5 hours
Basic principles of the open competition in labour law
Pitfalls in termination of employment relationship
Pitfalls in labour law documents
Employees and privacy
Discrimination and remuneration

Privacy and GDPR
Price from 5500 CZK without VAT
Duration 1.5 hours
Basic principles of GDPR
How to distinguish categories of personal information
Correct determination of the role of administrator and processor, legal analysis of duties of an administrator and processor of personal data and rights of a subject
How to proceed when transferring personal data outside the EU
What are the rules for monitoring employees in the workplace

Practical information

Place: We provide our courses anywhere in the Czech Republic, or in our training rooms in Prague, Brno or Ostrava.

Price: Choose one of our packages, or send us an inquiry and we will prepare a tailor-made training according to what you really need. The price does not depend on the number of participants.

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