• representation in all types of administrative proceedings, including taxation
  • representation in building proceedings
  • protection of rights in the event of a change in the land-use plan
  • representation in sanction proceedings (CTIA, labour inspectorate, etc.)
  • GDRP and representation at the Office for personal data protection
  • representation in tax proceedings
  • representation in negotiations with the subsidy provider
  • administrative actions and representation before a court
  • advice on residence in the Czech Republic
  • citizenship and permanent residence
  • asylum and international protection proceedings
  • representation in matters of labour inspection
  • recovering damages caused by an unlawful decision or maladministration
  • free access to information
  • representation in proceedings for administrative offenses
  • protection of personal data and GDPR
  • legal regulation of pharmaceuticals and representation at State Institute for drug control and Ministry of Health


Na Poříčí 26, Praha 1


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